Aquamuncher, Aquae Finem

Aquamuncher, Aquae FinemEdit

The Aquamuncher originates from another dimension hole known as Zuthis as well as another planet, but it has yet to be indentified and named. Magnis inducted these sea creatures into his Horde because there was a need for an aquatic unit to guard his royal sewer system he constructed in the Magnis-human war. These monsters can move at alarming rates and speeds and will tear into almost anything. They have been known to take down entire cruises in numbers as well as devour 25% of the population aboard the vessel before they were evacuated. They also vary in size and color depending on the region. The aquatic munchers which come from Zuthis can be either the standard and commonly seen gray-ish-light or the more rare dark-blu-ish (as depicted in the picture, right). Size depends on how mu(n)ch is eaten by the creature. Pups (newborns) will usually follow the mother after birth until the first meal is found, even though this is a dangerous process, as the mother will try to devour her own young if possible. The younglings can usually navigate around this, though. The mating rituals of these creatures is still yet unknown, but Kangruus have been studying them in aquatic tanks and other captivities. The Kangruus also received some of Magnis' intel on a recent battle which contains a biography on the aquamuncher. Unfortunately, it is still being deciphered. [1]


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