Rundymuncher concepts, Currit Circim Os.

Rundymuncher, Currit Circum Os

The Rundymuncher originates from <> and was inducted into Magnis' Horde around 2014-2015 when Magnis began invading Earth. They are common prey to the <>, or the commonly known name wiggly-worm in the Horde, but are now trained not to attack one another. These creatures are usually found in packs or even herds grazing in large fields, but are also occasionally found deep within forests and jungles. They come in different variants as well according to region location. Rundymunchers located in the jungles are usually larger and more aggressive than the average muncher found in the plains which are smaller and more timid. These variants also range in color from a bright tan to a dark brown. Their diet has a wide range from vegetation and other foliage all the way to various meats. They're very aggressive and territorial creatures which will over-run their prey (or predators) in numbers, then feast on them afterwards. Although, this has caused a problem with disease spread and the death rate for them has rised to new heights. They breed rather fast, as within the first 3 to 4 months of living they are ready to reproduce and will usually give birth to a litter of 6-15 munchers at a time, and will reproduce several times in their life-time. With the recent induction into Magnis's Horde, the population has decreased here as well. But our beloved Rundymuncher isn't going anywhere soon--they breed like rabbits.

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