Wiggly-worm, Cornu OculiEdit

The Wiggly-worm originates from <>, the same planet which the Rundymunchers (Currit Circum Os) and was inducted into Magnis' Horde around the same time as the unit commonly known as the Rundymuncher. This creature is very aggressive and will attack anything within its marked territory. The Wiggly-worm will live

Wiggly-worm sketch-up, Cornu Oculi

in the same area for most of its life, unless something dramatic happens to area to make it unlivable, as then it must re-locate. They will mark these areas and call it home simply by urinating a perimeter and guarding it. These beasts are usually found alone and do not group together often. Mating is a very difficult process for these creatures for many reasons. One is because they fight to the death if another male is present and is trying to mate with the female. Another is because this process can become fatal due to the extreme amounts of energy it requires for the mating ritual to take place, and usually by the end of it they're extremely depleted and de-hydrated and will usually starve unless it can quickly find a food source within the currently estimated 21 hours. These creatures are gradually becoming endangered and Magnis is actually acting to make sure they don't go extinct or become inable to use in battle. Not much is known on them yet, but research is in progress.


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