Kangruu-Weasel History== In today's world, Kangruu-Weasels are a race of conquerors who actually fight for good. Kangruus originate from the planet the called the Kangruu Isles, but now have spread across the galaxy with new civilizations and colonies. Being extremely intelligent, they advanced quickly through civilization and united as one giant nation to help prevent the outbreak of wars. The Kangruu-Weasels set out to negotiate with other races and compromise, but a lot of the times it ended up in war. With superior technology, the Kangruu race annihilated most of them, but some proved to be a minor challenge. Although in the end, the Kangruu-Weasels had still won. With their growing power and expansion of dominance, they set out even further finally reaching Earth. They colonized it and started talking with the Humans. This caused an uproar in the Human society meeting an alien race. They immediately alligned and the Kangruus benefited from the planet. The invasion of Magnis struck and the Kangruu-Weasels jumped into battle in hopes of saving the Human race. Unfornunately, the Kangruus actually failed their operation to save the Humans, but they did save a few and they were taken off Earth and into safety on another Kangruu-owned planet. The war raged on and on, but the Kangruus were still advancing in technology. Still not much is known about this fascinating race, but they are revealing more and more as time passes.

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