MugsyPug logo, new, art by RoosteR

Welcome to the MugsyPug WikiEdit

MugsyPug is an independent game development company which was founded in 2009. They have made several different games, mostly based on their Rundo series, and released them to the public. This is a wiki dedicated to them and their universes.

The MugsyPug TeamEdit


Jaden 'Mongo' Duchene, CEO and pretty much everything else

Helpers and previous Puggers:

SengirCoffin, Music artist and etc

Mischievous_Miscreant, New logo design

Mathieu Roux, Agreed to make a lay-out for Rundo 2's Co-Op mode but then decided to go on vacation and declined later on--oh well

Random Stuff and Navigation throwugh MugsyPug Games and Other Interesting Stuff!Edit

Latest activityEdit

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