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Rundo is MugsyPug's baby, or their very first game. It was developed on near the end of 2009 and released later the same year. It is rather unpopular, but it seems to be getting bigger. A sequel was recently released, which was anticipated by two remakes prior. There is rumor of a new Rundo game in development, but not much is known. Nothing has been officially announced about this next entry int othe series.


In the Beginning, there was a ferret named Magnis living happily in his humble aquarium. His owner, Harold, did not care much for Magnis and usually forgot to feed him. Well, it caught up to poor Harold and Magnis starved. The soul of Magnis arose mighty and angry. He was completely disgusted with the human race and attacked. Magnis soon found out he was gaining power from all of the souls he devoured and contacted unknown alien races and monsters. Magnis summoned these and trained them, granted them gifts or even enslaved them to fight for him. A war began and the humans were on the losing end. It wasn't long until the humans were almost completely whiped from the Earth, but thanks to another alien race vacationing on the planet, they were saved. This alien race is known as the Kangruu-Weasels. They are highly intelligent and skilled in many areas. They interfered with Magnis, and soon they were at war with each other. The fights raged on, and the Kangruus began to fall. They came to one last option and it was a super Kangruu, Rundo. Rundo was extremely adept at fighting and could outwit the smartest
of evils. With the help of Rundo, the Kangruus actually had a chance at defeating Magnis. They developed a plan, and located many of Magnis' bases. One of these was the underground garden systems which was infested the hordes of monsters serving Magnis. Rundo was sent in and he took it over after defeating the major unit Mega Mole in Magnis' army. Rundo then infilitrated Magnis' hamburger factory, used to tame his hunger. While Rundo was fighting there, the Kangruus had to pin-point Magnis' location and they eventually found him. Rundo was of course informed and knew what he had to do. Magnis used a system of sewers to protect his recently constructed palace, which he was hiding out in. Rundo navigated through the sewers, defeated the guardian protecting the entrance to the palace and kept fighting onward. Magnis became worried, so he had to come up with a sinister plan to end everything. Magnis created a suicide mission for himself and planned to open up a warp hole which would swallow the Earth and send it into a void. Rundo rushed through the palace and found Magnis. They fought on and on, but Magnis finally began to tremble at Rundo's excellent skills. While Magnis was down, Rundo had to find a way to deactivate the already begun warp portal. He did everything he could, but ended up jumping through. Luckily, Rundo somehow ended up out on the other side of the portal and the portal began to shrink. Although, the portal was using a lot of energy, imploding the palace. Everything was crumbling and Magnis was melting into ectoplasm. At the corner of Rundo's eye, he saw a bunch of Rundymunchers jumping onto Magnis, covering him entirely. Rundo had no time and escaped the palace. The Kangruus rejoiced thinking they had won the war. Of course it doesn't end like this, though. Magnis never died, and the ectoplasm was reformed into his original form. The Kangruus were unaware though, and Magnis was in hiding once more. A new suspicous theme park was opened named Ferret Land, but no one thought much of it. It wasn't long until Kangruus started disappearing and there was no trace. Finally, the Kangruus found out Magnis was alive and actually running the park. Turns out he was eating the Kangruus
alive and trying to evolve. Magnis had added to his horde, introducing new monstrosities and creatures to Kangruu Alliance. Rundo was immediately threw into battle, and they stormed the beaches. Rundo was climbing his way up to the Ferret Land park saving as many Kangruus as possible along the way. Finally he reached the park and witnessed mass destruction and hideous gore. Limbs and guts of poor hapless Kangruus lay around the park. Rundo was enraged and blasted all of the beasts to hell. The Kangruu Alliance found Magnis' new location and he was headed straight for the center of the Earth. This couldn't be good, and Rundo wasn't going to lolly-gagg around. The Kangruus suited Rundo in a special armor which could endure extreme heats. Due to Magnis' evolution, so could he.

Rundo fought his way down and finally found a specially built tram to go down to the core. On arrival, Rundo noticed several lit up bombs ready to go off--Magnis was about to blow up Earth. Rundo ran across, deactivated as many as he could. In the end, they were all deactivated, but Magnis still stood hungry and bloodthirsty. Rundo tore into Magnis, but his new skin and armor was too much. The Kangruus warped in a rocket armed with many weapons. These tore Magnis into many giblets, and Rundo made sure it was unrecognizable whose
remains they were. Our furry hero raced to surface after the glorious battle, and they all cheered in joy because of the victory. It seemed the war was over and everyone could finally rest easy. No, again Magnis returned. Even after being destroyed entirely, many supportive servants of Magnis found a way to bring him back. A while ago, Magnis found a path into another dimension, but was too busy dealing with Rundo to do anything. Now the horde goes in and takes it over. It seemed empty of any sentient life, but they found a special artifact and they named it Ferret Runestone. This artifact was magical and they used it ressurrect Magnis and bring him back to full life, unfornate for them, it was his previous normal form. Magnis didn't try to hide this time. He made everyone aware of him and launched full out attacks on Kangruus. Taken by surprise, the Kangruus were failing, but steadily got back on their feet. But by the time they did, Magnis had hit Mars. Magnis built moon bases and everything, now exploring different planets to conquer. Rundo fought his way through Magnis' new bases which consisted of grids and lava. Before they made any plans of attacking Magnis, they needed to destroy Ferret Runestone as it basically makes Magnis invulnerable. Rundo fought his way through a rocket base, and hijacked one of the ships. He then flew it up to the entryway which went into the other dimension, now named 'World of Magnis,' approtiately. After entering, Rundo took out everything in sight. There was the runestone. Rundo blasted it into tiny bits, making sure it couldn't be put back together. Now it was time to take out Magnis. The furry weasel went through a series of mountain bases and finally found one of the magnificent space pods Magnis was using to transport new units to Earth. Rundo reached the moon bases, and the Kangruu armies were right be hind him. Magnis was under full attack and was failing miserably. The Kangruus stayed behind to hold off any oncoming attacks, but Rundo ventured further into the battle, and he found where Magnis was hiding. After a long chase, Rundo found him, and they were face-to-face. The battle began. After a while, Rundo started to notice tears in Magnis' skin and shiny bits of metal. It wasn't very long until all of the skin fell off revealing an entire metallic body. This was a fake. Magnis placed a cyborg version of himself to occupy Rundo while it gave him time to escape. Rundo was inferiated. He had to no choice to finish off the clone, and he did. Afterwards, Rundo hopped in a pod and chased after the evil bastard. Magnis wasn't very off
and Rundo was hot on his tail. He was swurving around and Rundo was losing control, and they were coming near a planet recently discovered called Nudria. There wasn't much known on this planet because of how recent its discovery was. Rundo eventually loses control completely and begins to crash down. Rundo crashlands into the planet, Nudria...


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