A War Cruiser in the upcoming Before The Battle expansion for Rundo 2, Rundo 2 Before The Battle

Magnis began by attacking his home town by himself with all of his energy and power he had. The authority quickly began to fight back in attempts to take him down, but they failed. Magnis knew he had to do something or eventually he would fall if he was by himself so he used his etherworldly powers to contact far off creatures and races. He offered them power and reward if they fought along side him, he domesiticated primitive beasts and other monsterorous animals, Magnis did everything in his power to create a massive army to conquer earth and be-rid of the Human race. His plan was beginning to work as his 'Horde' was coming into place. The Human race was depleting rapidly and became onto the verge of extinction. Another alien race vacationing on Earth at the time decided to step in and help the humans. This race was known as the Kangruu-Weasels. A few humans were saved and they were given shelter. Unfornunately, only 2.2 percent of the entire population made it out alive. Magnis had suceeded in destroying the Human race and was about to claim Earth as his own and move on to other planets. The Kangruu-Weasels being the good beings they are stepped in and started fighting Magnis. It wasn't long until another war on Earth broke out and Magnis was trying to exterminate the Kangruu-Weasels from existance. Magnis had already had the time to create bases and fortifications all over Earth and basically made his own civilization.


In the beginning of creating this Horde, Magnis had enslaved many humans and promised them mercy and their lives. These humans helped Magnis fight off the other humans, build ships and weaponry and to help get these otherwordly creatures closer into connection with Magnis. After completing their tasks and uses for Magnis, he had them executed or tortured until death. The Horde became large enough to where the enslaved human population became a food source and they were eaten. This food source was depleted and Magnis created campaigns to hunt any humans found and captured and they'd be rewarded. It lasted for a little while until the Kangruu-Weasels had stopped the process and began fighting Magnis. The Horde had already been half-way completed by the time the Kangruus had begun fighting against them and it proved to be a challenge for MAgnis at first, but he became larger and stronger in numbers and the Kangruu race was beginning to fail. While all this is happening, Magnis is also creating a massive armada of ships and war vehicles. These were used in the destruction of any human-built structures which stood and any Kangruu vacationing buildings on Earth. These air craft were massive and armed with many lazers and weaponry. The Horde became so massive, every other force who opposed Magnis stood no chance. Magnis actually succeeded in all of his plans. The Kangruus fought back with all of their power but they couldn't stop this behemoth from conquering and taking what he wanted. The Kangruus issued one of their best troops to Earth to fight, and this was Rundo. The super Kangruu Rundo had amazing skills and ability and could take almsot anything on. Rundo was sent in with special and secret operations to destroy the Horde from the inside.

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